Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sixth body found in Italian cruise ship wreckage: reports

What a mess and how irresponsible of the people in charge!


Rodrigo said...

First of all, It´s unbelievable that nowadays a big ship could sink. They use modern electronic devices which detect all the nearby dangers and scan the bottom of seas preventing them from rocks. But a mad captain, trying to congratulate to one employee, approached too near to coast damaging the ship. Besides that, the crew lied to people who travelled inside the ship telling them it was an electric problem. In addition, the captain run got away instead of helping to rescue the passengers from drowning. I hope he wil be judge for these events

Ana said...

What a terrible negligence!. According to mass media captain approached Giglio island so much that it caused this disaster and to make matters worse, he abandoned the ship instead of doing his duty. He ignored the rescue operation which I think is a disgraceful behaviour.
Superstitious people say that all started in 2006 as a bad omen, at the Inauguration of Costa Concordia, when the bottle of champagne launched did not break.