Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gallery: 12 accessible superfoods for 2012

Have you ever tried exotic meats: kangaroo, buffalo, ostrich...?


DangerBrown said...

I like to try exotic foods and I've tried some of the 12 as avocado (it's not a exotic food now); chickpeas in arabian restaurants known as hummus and it's very easy to do in your home; dates and figs, dates are tipical in Christmas Time (I don't know why) and figs are one of my favourites fruits in summer time; and pomegranate, that is veryn amusing to eat the small beans.

And the others of the 12 foods I'd like to try black garlic and kangaroo.

How it's said by Carlos Arguiñano: "without wearing trousers you can enjoy in two ways, and one is eating".

Rodrigo said...

I always have tried to taste exotic food. I think eating may be one of the most important luxuries we can enjoy. Besides this, food is related with the culture of a country, a town...and give us information about their customs, their people... In my case, I tried raw fish cooked in Denmark, drank a hard alcoholic drink with a big lizard inside, sushi from Japan... But I´m still so brave to eat alive animals as the programme TV called “The last survivor”