October 19th, 2013.
Alice Munro has won the Nobel Prize for Literature. It is a happy day for women and Canadians.

January 29th,
Jury finds Afghan family guilty in honor killings.
What sort of "honor" code leads a person to take other people's lives?
I have always believed that you can say what you want, do as you like, but don't invade my space, my life, my rights.

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December 20th, 2011.
More sad days for womenhood: Abhorrent crimes from different parts of the world.
1. "Husband surprises wife by chopping her fingers off because she wants an education."
What law can we apply here? I would go back to "an eye for an eye" in this case. Call me a radical, I know it is against everything I believe in and defend because I believe in dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution. Nevertheless, today I think enough is enough!


2. What could this woman have done to receive such a horrible death?

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November 25th is White Ribbon Day! Wear a white ribbon and tell the world YOU  want to stop violence against women:

White Ribbon 3 Clip Art

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We have an opportunity for rejoicing. Not everything in the world of women is tragic, fortunately, there are good news some times too!

Nobel Prize Winners. Three women 2011!

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October 19th. 
Today is FIGHT Breast Cancer Day in Spain.
Think pink! Do something special for your sisters!

Be aware, be prepared, be informed!
Keep positive. 
You are not forgotten. 
Your sisters are with you!
You are in my heart and in my thoughts, 


Ana said...

Congratulations to these three women for their contribution in improving women's life!.

Regarding "Alice in Wonderland" it came to my mind the rabbit with the clock when Alice fell down a hole into a fantasy World whereas I was reading "Luka and the Fire of Life" ... "Running along the bank was a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat and looking worriedly a clock".
Who knows? Maybe Salman remembered Alice's story while he was writing or it might have been a coincidence.

Ana said...

Here in Andalucía, The Health Public Service arrange women from 50 on to make them a mammogram every other year. It's a good way to prevent more than one case.