Sunday, January 8, 2012

VIP Cinema: Leather chairs, in-seat meal service and more

Would you like to go to a VIP cinema?


Ana said...

The idea appeals to me. I think the experience would be fascinating! One of the perks of going to a VIP cinema is that the atmosphere is more sophisticated and relaxing than in an ordinary cinema. The seats look so comfortable!! What's more, you can enjoy dinner while you're watching the film. Well, a place with all mod cons.
It so happens that there's a Spanish Company, "Figueras International Seating" that has signed an agreement with "Ipic Entertainment Group", to equip 250 VIP cinemas in USA shortly.,3346,1559872_5596516_5980004_4478793_0,00.html

DangerBrown said...

Well, it's differente, but I like more the classical, the seats, the pop-corn and the soft-drink while you are listening the murmur of eating an drinking, and if you go to see an scare movie with a girl and she holds you because she's affraid, better then!

Waht I say, the classical cinema.

However, I don't know why in Spain haven't had car cinemas, as we can see in films like Grease. It's a pitty.