Sunday, January 15, 2012

Video: Are Vancouverites unfriendly?

How friendly and helpful are people in Antequera? Please, share your opinion after watching the video.


Mercedes Pardo said...

Well, I don't know anybody from Vancouver but I agree with a couple that say in the video: people are as friendly as you are. However this estatement isn't alwais true. Maybe we meet somebody cold or impolite althought you are nice and warm.


Rodrigo said...

I think people in Antequera are frienly and helpul. But some friends who came from other places from Spain and had lived here for years tell me that´s not rignt. They always say to me that people from Antequera deal better with other peolle who haveborn here and have lived always here, and suspiciously about people from other places. some of my friends find difficulty to have friendship relations with home town people and feel frustrated about this. On the other hand, others friends think the opposite and they think we are kind and reliable