Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something curious!

Have you ever wondered what number you are in the general population? The BBC now helps you to find out.
Click on the link, type in the day you were born, the month you were born and the year and "bingo" there it is.

I was born on December 15th, 1958. This is what it says for me:

When you were born, you were the:2,953,802,886thperson alive on Earth76,530,011,231stperson to have lived since history began.

It even tells you how they calculated it!


Mati said...

I´m sorry but I´m doing a prove. I don´t know how to do it yet.

Mati said...

It´s a curious way to know how many people there are in the world. When I was born I was the 3,062.371.097 th person alive on Earth. I think population is growing very quickly and I am not sure if there will be enough food for everyone in a few years .
A few days ago I heard on TV a boy was born. He reached the number seven billion people (USA) or seven thousand millions people (in Europe). It´s incredible. There are too many poor people in the world and there isn´t a good control about the births. However governments only wants to control the births with aborts. For instance in China, like the modern technology allows parents to discover the sex of the foetus, the government wants they choose to abort if they are carrying a girl. It´s terrible.
I think rich countries want to control the population only in poor countries. So they will control better their economies. While, a lot of poor people die starving.

Rodrigo said...

When I was a teenager, it was said that in the year 2000 world population was going to increase until three thousand million people. It was thought that the world was unable to feed so many human beings and this fact could provoke riots and wars along the world. The year 2000 passed and no disaster happened. At this moment, many economists insist on a general idea: world hasn't quite resources to maintain this speed of consumption. Nature won't be able to provide food for the increasing number of people. And the enviroment won't be able to put up with the haig level of supply of raw material that factories need. Nevertheless, I hope economists will be mistaken and everybody could go on with our ordinary life

Ana said...

If you want to have a look to a newspaper of the day you were born click the following link: