Thursday, November 10, 2011

British Columbia, Canada, has its very own "Loch Ness Monster!"

I just found out that British Columbia (I was born in Vancouver, B.C.) has its very own "Nessie" although it is male, I think and is called "Ogopogo".


DangerBrown said...

jajaja... very funny, another monster in another lake... it's a good idea to call people to go to visit the place.

I don't believe that exists creatures in a lake and after scientist have looked for it and they haven't got any evidence.

I'd like visiting both lakes, in Scotland and Canada. It must be interesting to see around the villages.

The green cat said...

I didn’t know that November 11th is celebrated in Commonwealth countries as a Remembrance Day, also as Poppy Day, or Armistice Day to remember the members of their armed forces, who died in World War I. In my point of view, it is an important celebration in order to be aware of tragedy war is.

In Canada, Bermuda, Mauritius and New Zealand are public holiday. In others as Australia, United Kingdom, Barbados, South Africa, India, and Kenya, they simply honor the day.
The symbolism of the poppy is the bloodshed by soldiers, and the reason for chose this flower is they had grown in the lands where soldiers were buried.

In Spain we don’t have this type of celebration due to, we didn’t participate in the World War I, although we had our own Civil War few years later, from 1936 to 1939.
On October 12th , we celebrate the Day of Armed Forces in order to support our army, but not to support the people killed in the war.

Rodrigo said...

All the countries and all the towns have their own monsters, ghosts adn haunted haouse. Some of thisl"monsters" are made up for attracting tourists, or for being better known a little town or a far city. We have had many examples of these inventions along the time. For instance, there is a well-known town called Velmez, where some neibours state that some dead people's faces come through the walls of some houses of this town and appear like pictures over these walls. Many scientist have visited these places and studied this curious phenomenon. Even in Antequera we own our haunted house, or more properly, our haunted apartment. There is an apartment that belonged to a man who was killed several years ago. Many people who are tried to buy it or to let this flat, have given up their purpose because a ghost appears in mirrors, switchs the lights off and others misterious events. And nobody has bought this apartment so far...

Mati said...

I loved to see this video about Ogopogo. Why? It reminded me of my last trip to Scotland, in August. I went to the Loch Ness in the Highlands, trying to see the monster Nessie out the water. It was very amazing. I knew that Nessie couldn´t appear, but the legend about Nessie is very beautiful and the Loch Ness is marvelous. We rode on a boat in the deep water of Loch Ness. The place is worth seeing and about all the way until Inverness is very interesting. There are a lot of mountains and different lakes. They are impressive because are huge.
Nowadays Nessie and Loch Ness is a business to make money but I loved to go there and to have the chance of seeing it.