Thursday, October 20, 2011

I love the Twilight series

What do you all think about Twilight?
The new movie is due on November 18th. I hope I don't miss it!


Isabel.2 said...

I´ve never seen a Twilight series film. I liked a lot go to the cinema with my husband, but since our daughter appeared in our lifes... all changed!!!
Despite this, I think if I had could go to see this film, I wouldn´t have go because I don´t like vampire´s films. In adittion, I thought this film was for teenagers viewers, because all my pupils are talking about this.
May be, I`d better rent Twinlight series and, when may daugther is having a nap, see it!!
I´d never tought this film would be interesting. This kind of things I often happen. When I wacthed on TV Millenium, I liked a lot and I think: Why not have seen before?
Thanks for this post, I want to see Twilight series now! I will tell you soon!

Rodrigo said...

I have seen the tree previos movies and they seemed me a bit boring. The first movie was quite interested because it was a original topic of a vampire story among teenagers, but the other two movies were very slow and they told the story in a boring way. Besides that, these films treat a romantic story that is very interesting for the youth, put for elder people sounds in some moments too honeyed.I hope the next film will be more dynamic and entertainig