Saturday, October 22, 2011

Educate the world

I thought this was a touchingly astounding family who face the world with a positive perspective despite their limitations. Fortunately, everything in the news is NOT about war, struggles and strife, sometimes we get lucky and there is a snippet of hope...

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Ana said...

Their courage is obviously an example to us!. They look an optimistic family that lives happily with their disability and finds a solution for doing everything. According to the video, their seeming problem is the height as they are probably dwarfs but fortunately, they manage by themselves and they are able to lead a normal life in spite of their limitations.
On watching this family it comes to my mind an acquaintance family with one daughter totally depending on their parents. She has a degenerative disease. She needs a special surgical appliance with straps to stand in a fixed place as she can't walk. She doesn't speak either. It's so distressing that when I put myself in her parents shoes, I realise how many times we are complaining about silly little things. Certainly, we must learn of disabled people so much!

Rodrigo said...

I have always been surprised how many people can overcome big dificulties despite wide world insists on creating barriers against them. Disabled people have continually to beat with stairs, with streets crowded of people who run everywhere and don't look after if they push or pull somebody or simply with society that ignores what they need.In adittion, majority of jobs are not made for people who are deaf, blind, swarf..
Enabled people don,t have the same opportunities as the rest of human beings because modern life seems not to notice them. But they fight to change this situation and show us that they are able to do the same things than others do. In their fight, they have achived to aware everybody that they are a important part of us and they have many things to offer

Mati said...

Everybody has problems: dwarfism, disabled people, children addicted to drugs, alcohol… old parents to look after, divorced couples… Sometimes is easier to solve them, sometimes is more difficult. In my view point the most important think is that you understand your situation, you are aware which you have and you have to do, and instead of worrying yourself a lot you must concern, be in charge of the problems and to try being happy. ¿How? Trying overcome one difficulty every day, changing a little thing every day, resolving only a thing every time. The world changes little by little, step by step and our lives and troubles too.
The video shows us how the family has every day changes: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the laundry room, using different tools or utensils like banks, big scissors… They don´t worry, they get over.