Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween, Carnival, Mardi Gras

Posting Assignment 3. 
As you can see, there are quite a few festivities going on throughout the month of October in the World of English. The most famous of these, world-wide that is, is without a doubt Halloween. Please leave a comment:
What do you think about Halloween?
How much do you know about Halloween?
Have you ever been to a Halloween party?
What is similar and/or different between Halloween and Carnival?

Have you ever heard about Mardi Gras? Check it out!


Miguel Ángel Murillo García said...

Since the beginning of our civilization, and due to the nature of the human being, some people had been attempting to find a reasonable sense to our lives. While some were thinking about a written fate by deities, others thought that our lives' destiny depended on seasons, for example.
Having said all that, I would like to express that the origin of nowadays celebrations like Halloween or Carnival comes from the past of our culture, I mean, what we today meet as parties, in the past was just a way to express joyful or thanks to a deity.
At last but not least, I believe that what today is celebrated by children in a very kiddy way, in the past was a rite used by our ancient culture to thank whatever they thought it was provoked by whoever. My conclusion, our culture has grown up, and will stay growing up.

Miguel Ángel Murillo García

Rodrigo said...

Halloween is a curious festivity. I think it's very particular. When I was young (in seventies) the date thirty first of October was the previous day to a quite sad day: the first of November. In this date in Spain, all the families visited their dead relatives in cemeteries and cleaned and tidied their graves, put bunch of flowers on them and showed everybody their sadness, Children had to be silent and quite and be very respectful. Today, adult peolple keep doing the same things, but children had a funny reason to wait for this date: Halloween. This festivity has been imported from english language countries and had spead through young peoples because they dress us with horrific customes (walkind deads, wampires...)and ask for candy. The customs in Halloween are differente from Carnival because all of them are related to death. I think Halloween can help us to make this dates a little more pleasant

Mati said...

Nowadays Halloween is celebrated in Spain due to it came from other countries.
I have never participated in a Halloween party. When I was younger there isn´t any. However I know more or less how it is. A lot or children come home and says: “Trick or treating”. They want us to give them some candies. They come dressed up on different costumes: evil, Frankenstain, ghost, mummy, skeleton… In spite of knowing it´s a game, I don´t like it because everything is related to the death. The costumes are ugly and when you meet someboy dressed up at street scares you. Nevertheless, Halloween is more and more widespread.