Friday, February 3, 2012

We are living the climate change NOW!

We have been hearing about climate change for many years now, there are so many scientists calling "wolf" but we are not listening. Do you think there will come a time when it is too late to do anything?
Read this article on the Ice Crack, it is frightening. 
Then sit back and watch this video. It is called "Home" and you can download it from You tube. It is extremely revealing as well as extremely saddening in places.
Sometimes I wonder the world as we know it still exists!


Manuel Soriano said...

In my humble opinion, I think the climate change is definitely here. We can see many evidences every day on TV and on the Internet. However every person in the world can act in order to slow down this phenomenon. First of all, from now on we should promote environmental awareness. This is the main task we have to try to achieve in the next years. In addition we can take endless measures to reduce the global warming. For example, we can buy energy-saving bulbs in our houses, we can use public transport, we can recycle, etc.

Isabel Acuña Bonito said...

Nowadays, it is known that since the earth was created, big changes have been taking place in our planet during a period of five millions of years. Thousand of natural phenomena have been changing the surface of our planet until it has become, as it is known today. The researches show that if a big asteroid hadn't crash into earth, life wouldn’t have appeared three thousand millions years ago.
Thus, this terrible incident that broke the earth in two parts creating the moon, and making our planet turns around itself more slowly, helped to produce the new conditions to get life.
Regarding with researches, humans beings are made of organic material, that could exist in other shapes or features into this huge cosmos where we live. Scientifics have been explaining these discovering, the last sixty years.
So, science revels that natural and amazing disasters are creating, and destroying the universe frequently. As a result, species disappearance has been a consequence of these changes.
In conclusion, I would say that humankind behaves as a “chaotic” part of this universe. Therefore what we are doing, damaging the clime, is to speed up a new disaster.