Friday, January 27, 2012

What is happening to this actress?

A topic we often deal with in classes is, " being rich and famous". Please read this article about Demi Moore and leave your comment.
Ideas you might want to consider are:
- pressure that is attached to fame regarding image;
- life being in the limelight (press, TV, radio and now Internet);
- some rich, famous and successful people often have a hard personal life (awful relationships...);
- any other aspects you might want to comment on.

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Ana said...

We can find a large number of famous and successful people who are in the limelight but aren't happy in their personal life. "All that glitters is not gold".
The inexorable passage of time is a handicap for some of them who consider their image so essential, hence that they resort to plastic surgery, abuse of energy drinks and different stimulating substances, probably looking for feeling better or experiment something new. I don't know the reasons; human nature is so complicated and everyone is different.
It is said what with Demi is being treated for anorexia, her recently husband splitting up ...
According to the nutritionists she has lost weight lately and the less you weigh, the stronger the effect of the substance will be.
Anyway, it's a pity that many people in spite of being pretty, are deteriorating their health with artificial subtances.