Sunday, September 11, 2011


On September 11th, 2001, I was in Billings, Montana (USA) with my daughter. I was on a Fulbright Exchange. I can remember I heard something on the radio while we were driving to school. It was the hit on the first Tower. When we got to school, I turned the TV on just before the second Tower was hit. It was astounding! We were soooo scared all day.
We had arrived in the U.S. in August and just a few weeks later, we were almost on our way home again and the world on the verge of a new war.
It was a frightening time. I don't think the world will ever be the same after this heinous attack on humanity, civilization and life as we knew it.

Darryl Worley

Alan Jackson

Assignment 1.
Do you remember what you were doing that day?
Please, add your comment below.


Ana said...

That day I was cooking while I was listening to the radio at home in a town near Sevilla. My son and my daugther were with me. I went quickly to turn the TV on and I watched frightened and amazed the so shocking images which showed a widespread scaremongering. I phoned my husband at once to speak with him about the horrific terrorist attack.

Joaquin Muñoz said...

This day, as all days in September, I was very busy worried about the organisation of the beginning of the new course (I worked in a school as a teacher). I was driving my car and as I usually do I was listening to the radio. The speaker was talking about something terrible in the World Trade Centre of New York. As son as I realized the gravity of the news I felt sad and insecure. When I arrived home I switched on the TV set and my wife an I spent all afternoon in front of it watching and listening something unbelievable. I can still remember a man falling from the building on fire and it was live on TV. It was terrible. And when finally the first tower fell I thought that the world would never forget this tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I think everybody can remember what were doing on September 11th, 2001. It was a really huge impression. I was finishing the lunch with my two soons, Borja was 9 and Juan was 6. All of us were at first very impressed and later scared. Nobody knew what was happening but the whole world was glued to TV. My husband was working in Granada and called me, we were taken aback by shocking news.We lived a historical event that never we will forget.

Mercedes Pardo

Anonymous said...


That day I was at home with my mum. I just had finished to wash the dishes and all of the sudden I listened on TV: "the first tower has fallen...!" It was like a fiction film. It's very dificult to explain the feelings I had got in that moment. It was a mixed of fear, surprise and impotence. If I had been there, I don't know I would have done!.
I hope this event doesn't repeat any more,...if only!!

Águeda said...

On September 11th, 2001, I remember I was at home. My brother and I were watching news on TV. It was about three in the afternoon when Matías Prats said the news: the Twin Towers were under attack. I think we remained paralysed, but actually I believe in that moment we didn’t understand the real meaning of this attack to the US.

Pablo said...

It was a so big and horrible event that I could remember what I´m doing that day. I was working as male nurse in Mollina´s Health Center.
I remember that I stopped my work to do a break and went to the living room, the room where we could eat something and see the television. I was the first professional that turn on the tv. I could see the repetition of the firt plane crashing into the first tower again and again. And I told it to my workparners. I could believe it. And a few minutes of that appears the second plane and crashed to the other tower. We felt so scared about what could happen since that success. And I feel so much pain and sadness about the people who died. For me it was so terrible and I could understand how some people could do something like that.

pabloromero said...

September 11th, 2001. It was a special day in my life and I think that it was an inflection point for everybody.
That day I was in Granada. I have just arrived at home. I was preparing the lunch when my flatmate switchet TV. Suddenly, he started to shout to me from the living room several times. When I saw the screen and I couldn´t believe what my eyes were seeing.I had an strange sensation, like an unreal sensation. It was lika a nightmare. The matter was that was real. The damage against american citizens was done.

Rodrigo said...

That day i was watching TV news with my family. Suddenly, Matias Prats reported there was a fire in one of the twins towers. My mother in law told that it resulted very strange. Later, the newsreader reported that a little plane had crasd into the building. When the news programme was showing the fire, a big aircraft flew to the other tower and crashed into it. We scared at home because we didn´t know what that event meant. We were astonished and expected pieces of news the rest of the day

Sandra said...

On September 11th, 2001, I remember I was at home with my family, we were having lunch and watching news on TV. I was only 10 years old so I can't understand what had happen, I remember that I only was afraid because there are no other thing on TV but news.

CMed said...

Thank you very much for your collaboration. It was a terrible day. I agree with you all in that it made history in a way that it changed the world. I hope that humankind will some day learn the lesson and realize that peaceful conflict resolution is the only way for a happy, healthy world. Perhaps, in the future, people will come to the conclusion that we only live once and that "sharing and caring" should be the universal motto! Keep up the good work!