Sunday, September 11, 2011


This year I'll be teaching Advanced Level 2, for the time being!
I hope you'll drop by and leave a comment about your expectations, your difficulties, what kind of help you think you need, what you'll be doing to improve your level, etc.
Above all, remember you should have fun learning.
I'm excited about the new school year, it has been a long, long time since I taught an advanced level.

Assignment 0. Please leave your comment.


Ana said...

This year I do hope to improve my English. I would like to understand much more when english people are speaking. It's very frustating because I only understand a few words or an occasional easy sentence. Moreover, I would like to speak fluently but this is an unattainable dream as I've the feeling that the more I study the less I know. It's a bit depressing how I forget vocabulary, word order, grammar rules and sometimes I'm not capable to express what I want to say. Anyway I'll try to have fun learning.

Anonymous said...

I am going to do 5th course again because I failed my last exams. I need to improve specially my oral skills. I am very glad because I have met my classmates whom I started to study English five years ago. Carmen was also my first English teacher in the Languages School and I remembered I learnt a lot with her so I hope finish succesfully my 5th course.

Mercedes Pardo

Águeda said...

Hi Carmen!
I’m also excited about this year because, if we pass, we’ll get the B2 certificate. I think this is a good level for English speakers like us.
To be honest, one of the most difficult things is to distinguish which verbs need –ing and which ones need to + infinitive. I hope I’ll learn well this year.
On the other hand, I like reading texts and activities in group because I can talk to other students.

Pablo said...

I´m really excited about the initiation of the school this year. I have to recognise that I´m afraid because I think it is going to be so heavy.
But I can understand that I need to work hard to get this level. And these are my difficulties, I think that I have to improve so much in speaking, writing, spelling, listening,...
I think I will need to practise so much in class and in home.

Sandra said...

I'm afraid about this year because I think it is going to be very hard and I don't have a lot of time to study because of the university. For me is very difficult to speak fluently in the exams because I get very nervous, so I hope that you can help me with this.

CMed said...

Thank you very much for your comments. I have made a note of them and will bear them in mind. Have fun learning!