Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Earth Day again!

We should look after our planet a lot better than we do, amongst other reasons, because no matter how poor we are it, is the one thing that each and everyone of us who has a child will leave him or her as an inheritance. 
If the following images break your heart, start today, don't just think about it, contribute with your little bit now matter how insignificant you may think it is, throw rubbish away where it should be thrown, don't just leave it lying around. Turn your lights off when you don't need them. Watch your heating and air-conditioning. There are so many things we can do! Water is so precious, just think about what a world without water would be like!

"Take action!" I like the slogan click on "Earth Day" and start your contribution now by reading and looking around the page, have fun reading :)


DangerBrown said...

I like very much this post, and I think that everyone is able to do something regardless how little is.

Mobilize the earth!!!

Ana said...

I can't stand wasting water or resources. I try to contribute a little bit to help in some way such as? :
* turning off the lights when we don't need them not only at home but also in public toilets (shopping mall, government office, restaurants, ...) where it's very usual to find all the lights on, although there isn't anybody.
* don't keeping the electrical appliances on standby but switching them off completely.
* having showers, not baths and turning the taps off while I'm soaping my body.
* Using energy-saving light bulbs.
* Recycling glass, plastic and household waste.
Anyway, it's in connection with having good manners and solidarity with the environment and your neighbour. Some daily scenes as parents throwing rubbish away (packet of cigarettes, the sweets wrapper, etc) hand in hand with their children or people who don't picked up their dog poo from the street,... irritate me a lot!!! It's a topic that concerns everyone.