Thursday, March 29, 2012

On why Spain is striking today.

I think many people have had enough, our space has been invaded, we are looking around and we can see that the rich are getting richer, they get the protection they've always gotten, the run-of-the-mill-average household is having to struggle to make ends meet. 
I can understand that people take the streets, what I will never understand is the right to freedom of thought and action. Let me do what I see fit, have I invaded your space? No! Never! Then, let me do as I think I should.
I'm very angry at the powers that be, nevertheless I have a responsibility, I WILL NOT give that responsibility to anyone nor will I pretend it isn't mine. 
The world is in for another revolution, the masses are more than the few who pull the strings, it's a shame the masses haven't seen the light yet and reached a consensus and some organization. I'm hopeful someday in the not too distant future we will see the light together, we will see that the planet, life, the universe belongs to everyone in the way each one of us wants to live it, let me be and I shall let you be, hurt me and I will defend myself.
I struggle to be an educator but my surroundings are making it even more difficult...

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