Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight Saving Time

Clocks change in Spain on March 25. The time goes forward an hour which means that at 2am it will be 3am. Look at this study:
Does the clock change affect you?
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DangerBrown said...

In my case, I don't have any affectation, unless I have to habituate my body to get up one hour before, but it's a little change.

But, I think is more complicated to farmers who work with animals, and they have to go changing the time to food one or two months before, because if they don't do in this way, they have less production of their animals.

Ana said...

Actually, the clock change doesn't affect me. The researches at Loyola School of Medicine about this issue and the tips for coping it seem a bit quirky. For instance, when they explain that to help our internal body clock we must expose to sunlight in the morning as early as we can. That's funny!.
Anyway, the clock change happens at weekend when most people are more relaxed except maybe those who work at hospitals, restaurants, etc. Just as well that it's only one hour of difference because taking into account the article if it were more hours it could be a disaster. In my opinion, the advices about how to adjust to Daylight Saving Time or the dangers of it are somewhat exaggerated.