Saturday, December 3, 2011

The most "shoplifted" items of the season.

Have a read of the article below:
Are any of the items listed of interest to you? Why or why not?
What would you do if you saw someone shoplifting?
Have you ever forgotten to pay anything setting the alarm off as you left the shop?
What did you do?
Please leave your comment. Thank you!


Ana said...

I would be incapable of shoplifting. It's amazing that 75% of shoplifters are adults, most of whom have jobs according to the article. Fortunately, I've always paid before leaving the shop. Nevertheless, the alarm set off on one occasion in "El Corte Inglés". Oh no! How embarrasing!. It was very unpleasant and a bit awkward. The security guard approached me to check what the problem was. Just as well that I had my receipt of having paid the soft toy handy!!.
If I saw someone shoplifting I probably neither didn't say nor do anything. I felt embarrased for him.
Regarding the items of the list, the perfume Chanel Nº 5 appeals to me more than the rest. I love its smell. The only bottle I've had was a Three Wise Men present two years ago. Apparently, when somebody asked Marilyn Monroe what she wore to go bed, she answered that only put two drops of this fragance.

CMed said...

I know exactly how you feel, it has happened to me several times and it is the most embarrassing thing. Fortunately, in my case it has been that the "swipe" on the item you buy has not worked so the alarm hasn't been cancelled. Another time it was because the coat had two alarms and the shop assistant hadn't realized it had two. I also had the receipt so there was no problem. I really can't imagine how awful it would feel to shoplift and be caught! Imagine if there were someone who knew you around!!!! Oh Dear! What a reputation then, don't you think!
Thanks for your comment. You are always "on the ball". See you on Wednesday have a happy restful day.

CMed said...

Oh, I forgot, regarding the perfume, I agree, it smells wonderful and it is my sister's favourite, she gets a bottle every year from one of the members of our family, we take turns. It has turned into a funny game in our family because she has started trying to guess who it will be each year. She seldom gets it right though!

Mati said...

Nowadays is very common that the alarm sets off. It has happened to me several times.
The last week I went to buy a gift for my little niece. The alarm started to set off when I was going into the shop. The shop assistant thought it was in my shoes. She told me that they sometimes go off when they walk on the mechanical stairs. I crossed my shoes throught a machine but the alarm didn´t set off. She didn´t know why. I tried going out again and the alarm didn´t set off.
Other times the alarm set off to me and I was never embarrassed because I was sure I didn´t stole anything.
The only time I was embarrassed was in Mercadona seven or eight years ago. At that day I was so worried and distracted that I went out without realizing myself whit my shoppings on my hands. The shop assistant called me. Actually I had a bad day.