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On Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series

February 3rd, 2010
We just finished reading the series. My husband and I are wondering whether the story will continue because we both agree that it was a hasty ending. There are many unanswered questions:
What happened to Bella's mother?
What will happen with the new ties that have been formed with Amazon friends?
What will Renesmee be like? Who will she choose?
How long will it be before Aro decides to take revenge for the humiliation?...

My friend Rocio told me just last night that there is a book that explains the symbolism, so again I got curious and started to "google" I found the link below very useful. 
Have fun Twilighters!
Interesting teaching source

When my husband told me about the authoress's religious views (he deduced them from her connection to Brigham University), I was astounded. He always surprises me that way. That he can keep so much in his brain and remember it is past me. I've studied my whole life, have a PhD and can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning! Anyhow, back to the matter at hand. If you're curious about the "religious connections" in the series, check this out.
Religion in the series

How I became a "Twilight" fan:
My daughter got the series as a present in 2009. She told me it was such an excellent read that despite working hard on her State Exams, she just couldn’t put it down and often was up until 3am to finish a chapter or one of the volumes. I didn’t give it much thought then because she had the Spanish version and I hardly read in Spanish anymore. Not because I don’t like it, mostly because I have to be immersed in Spanish all day reading long boring official documents; also, because more often than not, the Spanish translation loses most of the original meaning, context and purpose.
She rented the Twilight DVD one evening and we watched it. I was hooked! I enjoyed the movie, funnily enough so did my husband. One has to admit that there is a certain “chick-flick” tint to it but the “vampire” side is defined well enough to keep you interested.
I liked it enough to think to myself, I have to watch the next one and I have to read the series. But we all know what happens you get side tracked with the routine, troubles and dynamics of every day life, the lesser important matters get stacked in the back burner until something sparks new life into them and you take them up again.
That is exactly what happened to me. Even though I used aspects of Twilight in my teaching, especially as a discussion topic to encourage my students to speak and/or write, it wasn’t until one of my colleagues started reading the first book that I got really interested. Rocio offered to get me the English version. She did and I was lost.
I started reading Twilight routinely before going to bed. [I’ve always read before sleep. I have done since I was a child. As an adult, reading has been my particular “saving grace” above all when times get difficult, stress or anxiety threaten to take over]. I can’t put my finger on the exact chapter, words or part of the book that had me spellbound all I know is that I was.
Bella is such a misfit. She is so easy to identify with. Who hasn’t tripped, felt like an oddball, not been happy with their looks, felt terrible about hurting someone, made sacrifices for others, etc.? I finished the first book in a couple of weeks. I bought the remaining three books of the series last Saturday. Today is Sunday and I’m around page 500 of the last one. My husband finished Twilight in a little over 5 hours. Yes, he was hooked as well!
It has been great to be able to share the excitement with him, the story as it unravels, laugh together, read passages out to each other. The images are so vivid in our minds.
You may say it is because we have a wild imagination, over-creative minds, whatever, the fact remains that we are thoroughly enjoying the series and recommend it to anyone who would like to escape to a world of fantasy yet identify their lives with actions, words or situations that parallel their own lives. No, we aren’t vampires! We have experienced fear, horror, anxiety, stress, unrequited love, happiness, empathy, most of the emotions Stephenie attributes to her characters, though. My husband and I are also soul mates, we are true companions for each other, perhaps that is why we are thoroughly enjoying this together. As I said before, today is Sunday. He finished the third book around midnight last night. He’s now waiting for me to finish the last one. The longest and “sweetest” of the four.
I can’t say that I like one more than the other although some people say they do. I’m just having a great time. It’s fun to be so enthralled in something that I can totally disconnect from the real world and relax and have fun.
From a more critical point of view, we aren’t talking about a new Shakespeare here. She might be a new Rowling? The characters are well-defined, like my husband put it, “it isn’t a book where you come across a character and have to go back 50 pages to remember who the heck he/she was”. They are identified, described and remain a constant, systematic presence as the story unravels.
My daughter said the movie itself (Twilight) wasn’t the best she’d ever watched but that Edward’s character represented a desirable prototype common to almost every woman in this world, if we didn’t consider his vampiric nature, of course. Namely because he is sweet, caring and loving!
I have an inquisitive nature so I googled “Forks” and came up with the website I’m including below. I also thought you might want to have a look at Stephenie Meyer’s website.
If you decide to read the series I hope you enjoy it as much as I/we did!

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